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Acrylic Display Showcase By Craft Render

Visuals have a strong influence on the human psyche. Attractive packaging and presentations play a crucial role in impacting the way we feel, think and act. Understanding the basic human behavior has been the driving force of our success over the last decade. Today, Craft Render stands proud as a leading Malaysia's Acrylic Display Specialist, offering you unsurpassed display solutions for your every display need. Craft Render Sdn. Bhd. specializes in manufacturing different kinds of acrylic products, ranging from acrylic display holders , acrylic standees, acrylic wall units, cosmetic showcase, PMMA sheet etc. We are also a manufacturer that provides acrylic laser cutting services and fabricates displays built to your specifications.

Why choose us? We simply know how to help your brand grow. From conceptualization to planning, design and costing right down to the fine details of production, we take care of it all. We come out with creative designs and innovative ideas for your acrylic display showcases, either for retail purposes or road shows and mobile events. We make sure the ideas will be crafted with highest quality possible. This doesn't apply just on product quality; in fact it applies to our dedicated and highly skilled team to assist your success. We make sure it fits any of your demands with a price tag you could afford. Pound for pound, we deliver the best acrylic display products. This leaves you the time and peace of mind to handle what matters most: Your Brand.

Acrylic Display Showcase Products We Offer

Acrylic Wall Unit
Acrylic Wall Unit comes in different designs customized designs. Wall Unit takes little space from the interior while providing compartments for organizations with a light weight design.
Acrylic Display Holder
Acrylic display holders are commonly used in displaying signs, photos, menus, business cards, brochures etc. Marketing starts from the small fine details – a display holder.
Acrylic Wall Unit
Acylic wall units are best used in retail outlets for its durability and versatility. The ability to display several products in arrays while saving retail spaces is one of the main selling points of our acrylic wall units.
Acrylic Display Holder
Display Holders can come in handy when your marketing campaign wishes to highlight a particular product. The minimal and transparent characteristics of acrylic display holders helps amplify the highlight of products with least obstructions.
Acrylic Table Top Display
Table top store display is great for getting your inventory noticed by customers and passersby. The display normally comes in transparent and various sizes as an ideal store display to use in any retail setting.
Acrylic Display Holder
Acrylic display holders are widely used in restaurants, concierge, lobby and receptions. The ability to carry small goods and souvenirs while maintaining focus of product helped gain popularity among business people as their first choice.
Craft Render is a Malaysia acrylic display company specializes in acrylic display products, acrylic showcase, display showcase and acrylic cosmetic showcase. Craft Render since its inception as a small production outfit...
We offer a wide range of product showcase and acrylic display product services to help you grow your brand. From concept to production to assembly, our professionals will assist you in making the right choices that optimize your brand presence...